Playful Patchwork Online Course

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It's time to get playful. Forget uniform blocks and matching seams, we are going to get wonky!

Learn how to choose your colours, how to make wonky blocks, and how to create your own unique quilt to fit whatever size you want. You'll open up the doors to all sorts of quilts that you can create using these blocks.

This is a monthly subscription which includes the patterns and video lessons to learn Playful Patchwork techniques including Wonky Stars, Flying Geese, Houses, Butterflies and more. 

The course will last for 6 months.

You will be sent login details for the website.

You can also watch the classes on the Kajabi phone app.

Why not join Sheila's Quilt Party and get this class included in your membership, as well as Dolly Mixtures, Trendsetters, Patchwork and Quilting Techniques, Modern Triangle Sampler and more! 

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